We’ve been working with our London friends for over a year and recently joined arms with our first collaboration brew, Hazy First Light, and are thrilled to have them on board as a drinks’ partner. Tucked behind an Iceland may not be the most obvious place for the birth of a brand, but The Goodness Brewing Company specialise in the joy of the unexpected – quality brewed beer, big on flavour and heart.

Goodness has a positive and inclusive approach to beer. Borne out of an urban hop-growing project where locals collaborated on a beer, they wanted to unite people around a fun, collective pursuit of growing hops, brewing beer and drinking the fruits of their labour. This project soon grew into the idea of a brewery with the community at its heart.

Their North London taproom is the home of The Goodness ethos, with people from all walks of life enjoying themselves and each other’s company in a welcoming environment. They work closely with a local autism charity called Westlea College, offering employment opportunities to their students as they believe businesses have a responsibility to help their communities.

Goodness works with local businesses to bring beer and good vibes to events like Alexandra Palace’s 150th birthday. With 2024 on the horizon, they are working to get their beers further afield, from local beginnings to cities across the country. That big, bold YES is coming for you – small pints of startling optimism for the masses.

Goodness Brewery

“We’re always thinking about the drinking experience, like how do we keep the abv as low as possible while staying true to the style and getting a balanced flavour because we want people to enjoy several of our beers while chatting with friends. That’s something we really care about.”

Head of Production, Mike Stirling

Whilst working on their custom-built 15-hectolitre brewhouse, the Goodness team thought carefully about how their process and philosophy could follow through to the glass. Director of Brewing Damien says, “We’re meticulous about all aspects of our recipe design. Starting from the water profile, we use a reverse osmosis machine to give us lab-grade pure water to build the perfect water for the style of beer. This attention to detail follows through all the ingredients to the finished product.”

Director Joe Louis Sheasgreen says, “We’re delighted to partner with Lacons; working with a company with such pedigree has been amazing. East Anglia is a place close to our hearts, and it’s very humbling to see how well received our beers have been, and we’re looking forward to making many new friends in the area.”

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