Tucked away in the Swedish countryside, in the small town of Kopparberg, you’ll find the Kopparberg “Bryggeri.” Kopparberg Cider is named after the Swedish town in which the brewery is located.

With a population of 4,200, the brewery remains the main source of employment for many locals. Originally a mining town, Kopparberg translates to ‘copper mountain’, in which the mines were once a major source of the world’s copper supply. Originally founded in 1882 by 36 regional brewers, the Kopparberg Brewery remains independent to this day.

The Kopparberg Brewery was re-established in 1994, when Peter Bronsman and his brother Dan-Anders Bronsman purchased the company and started production of the now world-renowned Kopparberg Fruit Cider.

Kopparberg is today sold in more than 30 countries and is the UK’s bestselling fruit cider brand. Every drop of Kopparberg is born in Sweden and made from the fermentation of apples or pears and the finest mineral water. With over 12 fruit cider flavours, including alcohol free varieties, Kopparberg’s No1 flavour is Strawberry & Lime. Combining fresh strawberry flavour with the subtle taste of lime, Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider packs in maximum fruit refreshment and a revitalising taste. This makes it the perfect drink for a summer day, and it is now available on draught.


“I love working in partnership with Lacon’s Brewery and the whole team to help drive the growth of the cider category.”

Harry Higgins, Lacon’s Brewery’s National Manager

Kopparberg’s new draught font will include an industry first high-definition LCD screen lens! The Digital Font will drive additional standout at the bar, generating buzz & intrigue in venue. Draught is becoming increasingly important in the cider category whilst providing greater in venue experience and perceived value of the serve.

In 2022 Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Tropical won the ‘Product Launch of the Year’ for the Alcohol Category at the recent Retail Industry Awards. This was the most successful cider launch of 2021 and Kopparberg’s first limited edition variant. The disruptive design drove excitement and consumer appraisal in a category that craves new and exciting. Due to popularity this flavour is now here to stay.

For more information, please get in touch at harry.higgins@kopparberg.co.uk.

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