What’s the story behind No. Twenty9?
The concept for No Twenty9 was inspired by Managing Director Tim’s move to Burnham Market, his love for the Caribbean and his passion for rum. His first foray into hospitality originates some 4,000 miles away in The Caribbean. He set up a beachside bar and restaurant called The Gin Trap, which has a classic British style and boasts 101 gins. Tim wanted to bring a unique food and drink experience to Burnham Market with a splash of The Caribbean, which is captured by an impressive selection of 101 Rums and bi-weekly music nights.

What’s new in the pipeline for 2023?
We are building three new rooms called Andress, Hepburn and Sinatra to complement our other six rooms. One will be a spa room with an outdoor jacuzzi bath, a steam room, and a private courtyard. We’ve also completed renovation work inside, having knocked out walls to create an open plan kitchen and chef’s bench. Customers can enjoy our tasting menu with a drinks flight at the chef’s bench, offering an immersive dining experience by interacting with our chefs.

What’s unique about No. Twenty9?
The fact that we cook everything on an open fire. Wood is the primary fuel. We also cook with charcoal. The chefs then use heat from the embers to slow cook overnight. We have an outside kitchen with an open fire, so whether customers are dining inside or out, it’s the same experience.

Can you tell us why you buy from Lacons?
We like to use local suppliers, and Encore is a big seller. Lacons have been supplying all our cask, draught beers, softs, and spirits for around 18 months.

What do you think customers like most about No. Twenty9?
We are not a typical coastal restaurant, and customers enjoy our unique styling. All our drinks are served in old-fashioned glassware. It feels homely yet indulgent. Customers like the fact that it feels luxurious but also informal. They feel they can kick their shoes off and bring their dog in.

What special events have you planned for 2023?
We are collaborating with Pink Diesel, Caviar Spoon and Silver Morgan to offer a special event to celebrate the launch of our new rooms.

What do local and community mean to you?
North Norfolk is renowned for day-tripping and tourism, but we want to be embedded within the community. In lockdown, we launched a bakery and provided food and drink packages to take away, allowing us to connect and support our core community.

Name 3 challenges you face right now.
Utility increases. Staffing. Cost of Living crisis. We are more price-conscious and looking at ways to offer lounge deli menus to be affordable to everyone.

How do you keep your customers informed / up to date?
We’re active on Instagram and send monthly newsletters to customers who subscribe via our website. We update our website weekly with our menus and music events.

What are the key aspects of your success?
Staff, without a doubt. Customers come back for familiarity. We know where they like to sit and what they want to drink. They come as customers and leave as friends. Our staff are incredible, and that’s why people support us and are loyal to us.

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