Dave recognised a niche for unique hand-cooked crisps bursting with taste. With Ruby as the muse for the brand and Judy, his wife, as his business partner, Salty Dog was born and swiftly gained popularity in the independent pub trade.

The brand evolved, introducing Salty Dog carded peanuts and the premium meat snack range, Gruntled Pork Crackling. These additions quickly became the go-to accompaniment for a pint or a glass of something special.

However, 2020 presented significant challenges for Salty Dog. The COVID pandemic stripped away all their sales, which relied on the trade and leisure sectors. The company had to swiftly pivot and establish an online direct-to-consumer platform, which kept them afloat during the many pub closures. Dave returned to his roots in the Salty Dog branded van, delivering snacks directly to the public in the Buckinghamshire area. The year was further tainted by the loss of Ruby, the brand’s beloved mascot, which left Dave and Judy devastated.

The trials did not end there. The passing of their landlord forced the relocation of their storage and distribution to a third-party logistics company, which brought additional costs and nearly led to bankruptcy in 2023. However, the partnership with the logistics company has now found its bearings, proving to be an excellent fit for their business.

Salty Dog

As they step into 2024, Dave and Judy are optimistic. The Salty Dog range is expanding with new flavours, Prawn Cocktail and Spicy Chicken, and the Gruntled range has rebranded. They’ve also managed to make some savings, which are being passed on to their customers.

Eddie, an energetic cockapoo, is the new cabin buddy, bringing fresh joy as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the business and look excitedly towards the future.

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